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Welcome to the web-site of the agency service of shelf companies ΞΞΞ C✪NT✪RA.UA ΞΞΞ® LLC.

Our company creates and maintains the largest and most current database in Ukraine of offers on the market of sale of shelf companies, ready-made companies, ready-made companies with licenses. In addition to standard business structures, we can offer clients a turnkey businesses with licenses for the construction, tourism activities, enterprises with other types of licenses, non-governmental organizations (NGO), charitable organizations of various statuses, registration deadlines which reach 10-15 years.

Here you will find a suitable company and buy it.

By creating a resource CONTORA.UA, we set ourselves these goals:
- Ensure the business market of Kiev, Ukraine and our foreign partners such a tool doing business as shelf companies, ready-made companies.
- Take a niche in the market for consulting services and offer outsourcing market purchase and sale of shelf companies , ready-made companies our colleagues - legal , audit , accounting, consulting companies .

Along with the main activity of the company provides a range of services designed to assist our clients in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of a shelf company, ready-made company, registration of the company and doing business in Ukraine:
Ready made companies in Ukraine
Business items in Ukraine
Ukraine Shelf Companies
Company Incorporation in Ukraine (Company Formation in Ukraine, Company Registration in Ukraine, Establishing company in Ukraine)
Bank Accounts in Ukraine
Business Consultancy in Ukraine
Managed Services in Ukraine
Serviced Offices/Virtual Offices in Ukraine
Business Services in Ukraine
Tax Planning in Ukraine
Trade Marks in Ukraine
Lawyers in Ukraine

Bring to your attention several review articles on the legal aspects of setting up a business in Ukraine, company registration (incorporation), purchase ready-made company:

  • Business in Ukraine legal aspects. Optimal variant for a foreign investor.
  • List of documents for non-resident that buys (creates) a company in Ukraine.

  • Our partners:

    НООГВАРДИЯLegal Company "NOOGUARDIA" www.nooguardia.com

    Services in the field of intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, inventions, registration and protection of the rights of authors, inventors and innovations.
    All types of legal services: representation in the courts, support for investment activity, mergers and acquisitions advice, drafting of legal documents.
    Lawyers: Protecting the rights of citizens, businesses, work with regulatory authorities.


    - Registration of trade marks - project of Legal Company "NOOGUARDIA" - calculator of the trademark registration will allow to calculate the cost of registering a mode on-line.

    Ребизнес Украина - Готовые, действующие бизнесы www.rebusiness.info

    "Rebusiness Ukraine" - a resource is engaged in the collection and exchange of information on supply and demand in the market of operating businesses, business items, searching for potential investors and business partners, buyers and sellers for your business, new business, operating businesses, selling a business, buying a business, Intellectual Property Exchange, sale of patents, trademarks, domain names .UA, technology, investment, business ideas.

    A short version of the list of our services and our contacts you can see here English version

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